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Organization Designers

We are organization designers projecting possible futures for work organizations that are viable, sustainable, and humane. Our work impacts the hopes and lives of ordinary citizens, as well as the paths available for our societies.

This book is a hopeful expansion of the horizon of possibilities beyond what we can see now, looking toward sustainable economic organizations and communities.

We live in a world of plenty. Yet, our economic system requires scarcity to function. We have the capacity and resources to meet all of humanity’s needs in a ten-hour work week. (I am serious about that estimate, and I provide data and analyses anyone can replicate.) Only money is scarce and that money is simply data in the cloud. Scarcity is maintained by wasting most of the value created by our work.

Plenty is sustainable; Scarcity is unsustainable.

We have had civilization for 7000 years, capitalism for 400 years, and our present form of debt-money financial capitalism for only a century. Surely, we do not believe that the debt-money economy is the end game. We can invent a better future that sustains humanity—worldwide—with a greatly reduced ecological footprint. That future is a hopeful, attainable, and practical utopia.

This book is radically eclectic as befits the consideration of Social Ecology; it incorporates multiple disparate disciplines. You may explore that content by reviewing the Content- and Glossary-linked files.

Enjoy the book!